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The Retreat was established in 1997, by 3 siblings who were born and bred on the plantations of North Coast East New Britain. In the mid 90's we took the opportunity to scope out New Ireland, principally based on all the amazing stories our parents had spoken of over the years. Sure enough, we immediately fell for the natural beauty of the area - the white sandy beaches, the myriad of islands scattered throughout the region and the awesome expanses of reef - an aquatic playground with endless possibilities.

The idea was born and with hair-brained determination we aimed to establish a small eco-tourism facility and "live the life of Riley" with a legitimate facade of surfing, fishing & diving. Certainly not without its challenges, the business has continued to redefine itself over the last 20 years and enjoys a high repeat guest rate - testament that something's being done right.  With this success, we are slowly expanding our operations to other nearby locations.



The Retreat

Nusa Island Retreat has a style and charm that is a fresh and a welcome change from your conventional holiday destination.
Located on the outer reaches of the Niugini Islands, New Ireland is considered one of the safest and most relaxed provinces in Papua New Guinea with welcoming Melanesian hospitality.  The Retreat is situated only a couple of minutes boat ride from the capital of Kavieng, making it perfectly positioned to the conveniences of town, yet far enough to be a world away!

The Retreat is set on a sheltered white sandy point which offers safe swimming and encompasses picturesque views back across the aqua blues of Kavieng Harbour.  It exudes a relaxed and easy going feel from the moment you set foot on the beach and bury your toes in the sand.

Our guests enjoy surfing, diving and fishing year round at world renowned spots, easily accessible from the Retreat.


Dutch explorers discovered New Ireland in the 1500's and it was 1877 when the first missionaries arrived. The development of copra (coconut) plantations soon followed and it became one of Germany's most profitable colonies. During World War II, Kavieng and New Ireland fell to the Japanese and many of the island's towns, infrastructure and industry were destroyed. 


Nowadays though, New Ireland is an island paradise of sandy white beaches, coral encrusted lagoons, clear springs, flowing rivers and soaring mountains that run the entire length of the island. The locals are warm and friendly Melanesian people - most being fairly religious in orientation and English is widely spoken and understood, particularly by the young to middle aged. 


A good quality bitumen highway links north to south, stretching approximately 300 km along the scenic eastern coastline. The Kavieng area hosts a myriad of islands that form the Bismarck Archipelago.  The waters are typically sheltered and easily accessed by boat.  

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Kavieng is a relatively small, compact town that can easily & safely be explored on foot.


For an abundance of locally grown produce and cultural charm, the markets are located just across the bay from Nusa Island. Fridays and Saturdays are usually the busiest days, however, a visit on any day makes for an interesting and interactive experience. 


There are a range of local style 'trade stores' that stock all kinds of trinkets, from food & variety to haberdashery & hardware. There are a couple of supermarkets that focus on more western style fair, not to mention a well stocked pharmacy which provides good advice on lotions & potions. 


Westpac Bank & Bank of South Pacific (BSP) are both located in town. PNG banks are not affiliated to Australian Banks and charges therefore apply. Eftpos and credit cards will work at most ATM's and at stores which have credit card facilities. The Post Office is adjacent to the Westpac Bank, and the New Ireland Tourism Bureau is located directly opposite the Kavieng Hotel.


There are a few watering holes where you can take reprieve from the midday sun & re-hydrate! 

  • The Kavieng Golf Club has an 9 hole golf course & fully licensed bar serving cold beer.  Sit and chat with the locals or partake in some of the activities on offer. It has a couple of full size snooker tables, some dart boards and screens mainstream sporting events for those interested.

  • The Kavieng Hotel hosts a public bar and is known for its seafood buffet every Friday night.


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