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  • Nusa Island Retreat will tailor a package to suit your requirements.

We take our fishing seriously. Kavieng has rewarded many a sport fisherman’s expectations.  The area boasts a great range of fishing, from estuarine mangrove systems to reefs and blue water fishing. Pelagics have proved to be the most popular pursuit, from the razor gang & GT's, through to tuna and billfish. Although traditionally the domain of trolling, casting poppers and jigging has grown in popularity with good reason. Casting light to medium gear in the estuaries can also be rewarding with jacks, trevally & cod.

The Setup
Nusa operates a range of 'open' Yamaha longboats that are primarily set-up for trolling the reefs edges, casting in the mangrove estuaries and around inshore bombies. For anglers looking for something a bit more serious, we also have a Bluewater 2550 Centre Console Sportsfisher powered by 2 x 200Hp Yamaha HDPI outboards - she'll get you where you want to go in comfort & style.
All boats come equipped with driver / guide & all the necessary safety equipment. 
What to bring
For the serious fishermen, it is encouraged that you bring your own equipment to match the style of fishing you require. The benefit of this, is that you know your expectations and the limitations of your own gear. A variety of hard bodied tremblers & minnows (i.e rapala/halco) in assorted colours and sizes will put you in good stead. The most popular colours we have found are the 'Qantas' (red/white), the 'Blu Pilly' (blue/silver) and the 'Bomber' (gold/black).  
A combination of shallow to mid-depth and deep diving lures is a good idea. These lures are usually about 7"to 8" and should have good split rings and strong trebles. With no tackle shops in Kavieng, it pays to bring sufficient equipment to get the job done. Oh yeah, don't forget the wire trace/sages as the 'Razor Gang' will be only too happy to add to their collection of lures!
Don’t have gear?
The Retreat also has a range of well-maintained hire gear available. Please note that damage or loss is charged at replacement cost.
Please note
You will be in the tropics. So, bring a wide-brim hat, long sleeve light cotton shirt and plenty of sunscreen!!  
I hope this has encouraged you to dust off the 'Ugly Stick', re-spool the Penn and head north for that elusive fish of a lifetime!

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