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Papua New Guinea is a culturally rich and beautiful country, offering travellers the opportunity to relax, explore and discover. To ensure you have a memorable holiday we have listed travel support and tips and encourage you to read this carefully.

Flights can be booked through one of our Agents or directly with the Airlines. The wholesale agents listed are familiar with our product & can tailor travel and accommodation packages to suit your requirements.



We do accept direct bookings and packages but cannot assist with airfares other than suggest you investigate them yourself or via a travel agent.  The national airline Air Niugini, services Australia (Sydney, Brisbane & Cairns), Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, Honiara and Singapore. Other carriers servicing the Australian market are Qantas & Virgin Australia. Please check their sites or contact their offices for current schedules & pricing.

For more detailed information, check out our Travel Wallet by clicking here.




Below information in regards to visas was current and correct until 11th July 2016 - at which point the Office of the Chief Migration Officer released Circular 39/2016 - "Removal of ban on visa on arrival for Australian Passport holders"


Holders of Australian passports are able to obtain a visa on arrival in Papua New Guinea at Jacksons International Airport, Gurney, Mt. Hagen and Tokua Airports.

Applicants must have a passport valid for more than 6 months, return or onward ticket and may be required to show evidence of funds.  Other Nationalities are advised to check with the PNG Immigration Office to confirm current regulations.

**Please note: Each individual consulate may have different applicaiton requirements and processing times. When applying for a visa, we advise contacting your nearest office to confirm requirements before lodging an application. For consulate contact information please click this link.



For more information and required forms please visit:



Kavieng is located 2 degrees south of the equator making for a hot and humid environment. You can expect average daily land and sea temperatures of around mid 20's to low 30's. The islands are usually gifted with a cool sea breeze, making it more comfortable than the mainland. Although this region remains outside of the cyclone belt, December through to March is considered the wetter season making it a little less predictable for clear, calm conditions which are typical of mid-year. 


Whilst mosquitoes aren't usually a problem around the Retreat, malaria is endemic throughout PNG and we suggest that you to speak to a doctor or health practitioner regarding anti-malarial options and suggested vaccinations when travelling to this region. Using insect repellent and wearing light, long sleeved/legged clothing is a good preventative measure around dawn & dusk. Mosquito nets are provided in all rooms so you can rest well at night.


Travel Insurance is recommended and can be arranged through your travel agent or preferred insurance provider. In the unfortunate event of an accident or illness, the Kavieng Hospital (Haus Sik) is conveniently located only a couple of minutes boat ride from Nusa.



  • A camera, for those special moments.

  • Lightweight clothing, swim-wear and sturdy outdoor footwear/sandals are useful for some of the walks.

  • Women should dress modestly, so knee length shorts, skirts and sarongs are considered appropriate when visiting villages or wandering around town.

  • Hat, sunglasses and good quality sunscreen (up to 50+) will help to provide protection from the sun. 

  • Mosquito repellent & a small medical kit containing basic supplies like antibiotic ointment/tablets, plasters etc, plus any personal medications you may require.  




We recommend that you bring your favourite all round short board and perhaps something a bit longer and/or thicker, like a fish-style fun board for those slightly smaller and fuller days. Long boards are also suitable for most of the breaks and conditions. We do have a range of good quality SurfTech Epoxy long boards for hire to competent surfers - with a "you break - you buy" policy. 

  • Short & long sleeve lyrca rashie

  • Reef booties

  • Brimmed surf hat

  • Spare fins & leg ropes

  • UV solar repair ding kit

  • Tropical warm water wax

  • Good quality sunscreen, up to 50+

  • Well stocked medical kit

Please remember that you will be surfing reef breaks and that most end sections need to be negotiated with care. Pull in, but don't forget to pull out!


We advise to bring your own gear if possible, however, a rental range is available for those who prefer to travel light. More information at Scuba Ventures




  • Your own equipment to match the style of fishing you require. 

  • A variety of hard bodied tremblers and minnows (i.e rapala/halco) in assorted colours and sizes will put you in good stead. The most popular colours we have found are the 'Qantas' (red/white), the 'Blu Pilly' (blue/silver) and the 'Bomber' (gold/black).

  • Good split rings, strong trebles, wire trace/sages etc. The 'Razor Gang will be only too happy to add your gear to their collection of lures!

  • Wide-brim hat, long sleeve light cotton shirt and plenty of sunscreen.

  • For the more novice angler - we do have a range of well maintained hire gear available - with a "you break / lose - you buy" policy



Use of phone, email and wifi is available upon request. The local Digicel mobile network is reliable and SIM cards & affordable phones can be purchased. Any unlocked phone (not tied to a specific service provider) will accept a local sim card for voice and data. 


Kavieng and New Ireland is considered one of the safest places in PNG. Kavieng town and its people are very welcoming to tourists and with tourism being a strong economical force, a focus on safety and well-being is felt throughout the community.  However, please refer to your own country’s government travel warnings.


For more information on travelling in PNG,

please click the image below.

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